Monday, 13 October 2014

Letting go & discipline

Discipline is an act of the will but through perseverance it becomes an act of the heart and brings freedom.

Before I learned the rules of quilting I just cut and sewed as I thought I was supposed to. The result was a lot of "un-sewing" , re-sizing and waste of material. I was never sure if my blocks would match and what the end result would be.
Then I learned about 1/4" seems and how to properly iron and use the rotary cutter! These rules of quilting made the piecing and matching a breeze and quilting became my greatest joy. I could just sew and know that everything would fit perfectly together. It gave me the freedom to enjoy the process and know that the end result would be good.
In real life rules and laws are seen as a restriction of our free will and right to make our own choices.
I have found that in letting go of my free choice, by choosing to follow God's rule I have gained a greater freedom and enjoyment of life. And as in quilting, when I follow a few simple rules I know that the end result will be good. When we let go of the things that hold us, we are free to follow the path that we were meant to follow. And there is much beauty in the act of letting go! Just look at the trees and the colours of Fall.

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